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Sage Accounts Production Advanced v10.00/10.01

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At SDW Professional Services Limited we are able to provide on-site training for your staff from £650 per day*.

Why should you book your course with us?

In addition to providing excellent value for money we firmly believe we can deliver a level of expertise which is second to none.

SDW Professional Services Limited was founded by Giles Wood and Andrew Sinclair-Day both of whom are former employees of Sage (UK) Limited.

Giles Wood originally wrote Sage Accounts Production Advanced in 1988, before it was acquired by Sage, and was the lead developer on the product until he left the business earlier this year. Giles is credited with much of the success the product has enjoyed and the reason why it is still regarded as the UK's leading accounts production product.

Andrew Sinclair-Day was formerly the training manager of CSM Limited, before joining Sage in 2000, where he was responsible for the field support and training functions of the business. In 2003, he became Product Manager for Sage Accounts Production and Sage Accounts Production Advanced.

Between them both Giles & Andrew share over 35 years experience of working with accountants in practice.

In 2009, both Giles and Andrew left Sage (UK) Limited and formed SDW Professional Services Limited with the shared vision of providing accountants in practice with training and support services which were both professionally delivered and offered excellent value for money.

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* For up to a maximum of six delegates with courses scheduled to start at 9.30am and finish at 4.30pm. All courses will be invoiced and payable in advance.